As we get closer to marking the end of yet another decade, it is essential to look back at the achievements we have made and how they will impact the future. The internet has grown at a fast rate over the years with technology getting more advanced by the day. Web design and App trends have undergone many changes, owing to this growth, as people have played about with different concepts ranging from bold color schemes to shifting paradigms. What can one expect in 2019?
Well, this is the year that technology and aesthetics will finally merge, creating designs that are sure to blow your mind. Here are some of the trends that will have lasting impressions for the years to come:


For a long time, there has been a belief that sans serifs belong to the screen while serifs are best for print. However, website design is all about exploiting the potential in different styles, which is what is set to happen in 2019. This font, when bolded, is ideal for making headers pop out, something which many websites are now adopting. If you want to create emphasis, serifs are a great way to go. You may have doubts regarding this style because many people think of it as an old technique. However, its character and adaptability ensure that it will stick around for a while.

Black and White hues

Over the years, many websites have tried bold color schemes as a way to cultivate interest in their products. Now, many people are leaning towards the use of black and white to make their sites more impressive. Without many colors in the background, readers can pay attention to what is on the page as everything becomes much more precise and slower than it was before. And it’s a clean look that will have people appreciating your site more.

Friendly Navigation

Many people access websites through their phones, and there is thus an emphasis on ensuring that users have a smooth time scrolling on their mobile devices. Thus, the location of menus and other features get set in a manner that works for people who use their phones.


Websites need to use features that appeal to people from all walks of life, and they, therefore, have to be inclusive in what they use and market. There is a need for consciousness and the more that websites work on being diverse, the better their chances of success will be.


Each time you use a site, and you get a response regarding actions on the website, you have received a micro-interaction. Take an example of when you log into a website, and you can see an icon displaying the number of notifications, this is a form of interaction that makes the site feel human. Websites are now using these means to invite their audience to take more action on the sites, and it is working.


Thanks to the advances in machine learning, chatbots are more intelligent and can thus interact with humans at a personal level. Websites use this technology to get to know their users better, and the users have a great time communicating with these bots.

Natural Designs

In the past, web pages featured geometrical structures which provided a sense of stability. With time, people have adopted the use of organic shapes that make the site feel comfortable and accessible. They also allow for the sites to have a depth which enables different elements to stand out to the readers. With the illusion of movement in play, it becomes easier for readers to use the page, as it feels interactive.


There are times when technology has failed people, creating a distorted look that appealed to readers, owing to its extraordinary nature. People are now using this distortion to their advantage as they ponder on what the world would be without technology.


youtube on phone

Videos have been around for a while, but now the emphasis on them seems to be growing by the day. For users who haven’t got the time to read through a text, videos are the ideal option. Currently, Google has a new search result that prioritizes videos, thus pushing websites to create more video content to feature in the top results.


If there is a saying that has held over time, it is that ‘less is more.’ It works for many aspects of our life, including the design of websites. Where a user can see what they want from the word go, they have an easier time using the site, and this makes a website appeal to people who want to get to the point in one click. Prepare yourself for fewer distractions in 2019!

All these are the changes expected to take place in 2019. More are set to come over time, and you too could come up with a trend that could take the world by a storm. It all starts with an idea. What’s yours?