Coming up with an app design that can appeal to users, thus making you tons of money, can be pretty tricky. It, therefore, helps to have some models from which you can get the inspiration you need to take the next step. Here are some of the best ideas on the market:

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Rep- Influencer Marketing Platform

This app allows influencers and brands to come together and work on projects. Influencers can choose projects they would like to work on as they bid for the opportunities. It makes marketing so much easier for companies!

Color Therapy Coloring Number

This coloring book for adults makes use of HD images which relate to what users could expect from a hard copy book. The app comes in handy for people who enjoy coloring as a form of relaxation, and it features thousands of coloring pages as well as calming music. Additionally, users have special effects and frames which allow them to customize their art.

Marco Polo Video Walkie Talkie

With AR experience in play, communicating with loved ones has become quite simple with this app. Users enjoy shared moments as they take advantage of the many functions in store for them that make the conversation all the more interesting.


It is easy for users to describe their experiences by choosing to like or dislike tracks and this allows the app to provide a customized playlist for each person.

Tap Bar Crypto App

Micro-interactions are essential in keeping users interested in the site, especially when they are using mobile devices. This app features numerous icons that work to not only create interest in the app but also inform users on what they can get from it.

Smart House

The one thing that stands out in this app is the vibrant colors in play. The visuals are simple enough to draw the attention of users, without being too distractive. The remote control comes in the form of an attached light which appeals to actions by the users.

Apple Maps

Interactive animations are in play in this app, and this grabs the attention of users. Features such as zooming out and changing background colors are a sure way to keep users interested.

3D Translation Exploration

What makes a travel app stand out when compared to its competitors on the market? 3D transition! This feature not only creates a sense of space for people using the app, but it also enhances relationships between the screens.

Spotify Music

This music app makes use of color gradients which many designers now prefer over flat colors. This design comes in handy when you want to highlight a particular feature or where you wish to communicate emotions to the users. With a big music collection in play, the app excels in helping users locate their favorite tunes through these gradients that also keep them hooked to the site.

Letgo: Buy and Sell Used Stuff

This shopping app allows sellers to make money while the buyers get to save huge sums by getting the bargains in store. It focuses on helping people in the same area come together and compare deals which they can then discuss in the chat section. The snap feature has image recognition, making it easy for sellers to post their products. The success of the app hinges on the layers and simple shapes in use.

ZINIO- Magazine Newsstand

With more than six thousand magazines in one app, it is hard for one not to see why ZINIO has grown at a fast rate. It also allows users to listen on the go such that when they get tired of reading, they can sit back and listen.

Mi Smart Home

With high contrast user interface colors coupled with interactive animations, this app helps users manage their daily interactions with the tap of a button. The high-resolution screen aids in creativity.

Mobile User Interface

It is essential for an interface to be clean and neat and designers can achieve this through the use of color gradients, blurs, and overlapping fonts, amongst other features. This app helps designers create impressive interfaces that allow them to stand out in the market.

Buy and Sell this Holiday

This online shop makes use of the full-screen feature that appeals to its users. Frameless designs have fast gained popularity across the globe, owing to the tons of space that they allow their users, and it is what this app is offering its clients. Additionally, you can sell and buy almost anything, thus creating an attractive market for the users.


This shopping app has made it easy for users to check out once they buy goods, thanks to the simple and effective payment method. Ever since cashless payment became a thing, the number of people using it has grown, and this app allows users to pay fast by enabling them to save in the store without cash.

These are some of the best designs on the market at present. Hopefully, they will guide you on what can best appeal to your target audience. Which of the 15 do you like best?